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workshop "The hot city"

The traveling workshop "The hot city" on urban models of climate adaptation and mitigation was held on Saturday 10 June 2023, aimed at citizens of Reggio Emilia and open to the participation of all interested people.

After a brief introduction in the redeveloped space “Polveriera”, with the interventions of the Councilor for Sustainability Policies Carlotta Bonvicini and the Manager of the Environment, Energy and Sustainability Project Unit Elena Melloni, the walk touched some places in the historic center and neighborhoods to observe and evaluate together the problems and risks of climate change and possible urban solutions.

In particular, the walking workshop focused on the albedo, on shading and on the presence of greenery in Reggio Emilia’s historical centre, using ad hoc thermometers to measure the temperature of the air and of the various surfaces encountered.

The event involved about 30 people.

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