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city hall of ALCANTARILLA

Municipality of the Region of Murcia. Its municipal term has an area of 16.24 km² and its population is 42,048 inhabitants, with the highest population density in the region. It is a town with a large business network clustered in an industrial estate of vital importance for the local economy.

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lorquí town hall

The municipality of Lorquí, located in the Vega Media of the Segura river, has historically been identified as an agricultural village.
The municipality is located 18 kilometers from the capital of the Region and has an area of more than 15 km2.

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Molina de Segura town hall

Located in the natural region of Vega Media del Segura. Its municipal term has an area of 169.5 km².

It is the fourth municipality in population in the Region of Murcia , with 71,890 inhabitants

Molina de Segura is a municipality that combines tradition and progress, history and future, a place where the Huerta and the Field, innovation and technology coexist in harmony with crafts.

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Reggio Emilia_Piazza della Vittoria_ph C

commune of reggio emilia

Reggio Emilia is a medium-sized city located in Emilia-Romagna, in northern Italy; it has a population of 171,239 inhabitants and a territorial extension of about 232 km2. Located in the heart of the Italian Food Valley, Reggio Emilia is a "human scale" city, at the top of the ranking of the most prosperous and livable cities in Italy.

It is particularly renowned for the quality of its services, excellent food, industry and hospitality, as well as for its strong propensity for international relations and intercultural dialogue.

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federation of municipalities of the region of murcia

"It is an association that encompasses the 45 municipalities of the Region of Murcia and their local entities. In this project it acts as its coordinator, highlighting the importance of municipal adaptation to climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030. Among its challenges are to accompany the region's city councils in the change towards sustainability and the transformation of municipal life as a tool to improve people's lives. "

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Chair of rsc university of murcia

"Its objectives are, among others, the promotion of research activities in Corporate Social Responsibility; the dissemination, information and awareness of CSR among companies, institutions and society; the promotion of education and training on CSR between organizations , university and any other interested party in the knowledge society; the exchange of experiences and good practices between companies in the field of CSR and the encouragement of companies and universities to develop and communicate their CSR policies. "

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eurovértice consultants

"EuroVértice is a consulting firm specialized in European financing, created in 2006 with the aim of promoting the participation of entities and companies in its environment in cooperation and R & D & I projects financed with European funds. Throughout its trajectory , has participated in practically all the European programs, having obtained more than 100 million euros in grants and woven a network of international partners of more than 500 entities throughout Europe. "

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