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Greetings mayor of alcantarilla

greetings mayor of lorquí

greetings mayor of molina de segura

Joaquín Buendía explains the pilot action of Alcantarilla in LCA3 and greets the Italian municipality of Reggio Emilia, a partner in this initiative for urban adaptation to climate change.

Joaquín Hernández explains Lorquí's pilot action in LCA3 and greets the Italian municipality of Reggio Emilia, a partner in this initiative for urban adaptation to climate change.

Eliseo Cantó explains the pilot action of Molina de Segura in LCA3 and greets the Italian municipality of Reggio Emilia, a partner in this initiative for urban adaptation to climate change.

greetings councillor of Reggio emilia

greetings from the director of the CSR Chair of the University of Murcia 

official project presentation

Carlotta Bonvichi explains the pilot action of Reggio Emilia in LCA3 and welcomes the partner municipalities of the region in this initiative for urban adaptation to climate change.

Longinos Marín explains the role of the CSR Chair in LCA3 and greets the Italian municipality of Reggio Emilia, a partner in this initiative for urban adaptation to climate change.

The FMRM, coordinating partner of the project, celebrated the official presentation in the Region of Murcia with the presence of the mayors of the partner municipalities and the spanish companies collaborating in the pilot actions. 

first site visit to molina

first site visit to lorquí

first site visit to alcantarilla

The project monitor, accompanied by the councillor and the technical team, visits the locations where the pilot actions for urban adaptation to climate change in Molina de Segura will be carried out. 

The project monitor, accompanied by the mayor of the municipality and the technical team, visits the works of the pilot actions in Lorquí. 

The project monitor, accompanied by the technical team, visits the works of the Multimodal, Pedestrian and Cycling Platform, a pilot action for urban adaptation to climate change in Alcantarilla.

regional tv news

Progress in Reggio Emilia

coordination meeting sept 22

TV 7 Región de Murcia attended the Info Day where the LCA3 project was officially presented and the companies collaborating with the pilot actions in the municipalities of the region were recognised.

The Italian partner Reggio Emilia in this Life project, Reggio Emilia, presents the progress of its pilot action with the city councillor and an expert. The reforestation of 4 public parks has begun. 

All Life City AdaP3 partners met for the first time in person to discuss the progress of the project and the next steps. The meeting was attended in person by technicians from Reggio Emilia.

Reception at the town hall of Murcia and guided tour

tour of the pilot actions 

After the coordination meeting, the councillor Antonio Benito of the Murcia City Council received the whole project team in the plenary hall of the town hall and welcomed them to the city before the guided tour. 

The entire partnership, accompanied by a group of Hungarians, visited the works of the pilot actions in Alcantarilla, Molina de Segura and Lorquí to see the results. 

agreement with azud system and chemical derivatives

The Alcantarilla City Council signs two new agreements with the companies Derivados Químicos and Sistema Azud, thus joining the Life City AdaP3 project through public-private collaboration by means of the companies' CSR.

Lorquí inaugurates one of its pilot actions: the cave house "Las Trillizas

The Lorquí Town Council inaugurates one of its pilot actions to adapt to climate change. The rehabilitation of the cave house "Las Trillizas", will have an environmental use, and will also house the sound map of the municipality.

The secretary general of the FMRM talks about the project on the radio station  ser 

Manuel Pato, Secretary General of the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia, talks about the most important aspects of Life City AdaP3 in an interview with the SER radio station through the Europe Direct office. 


Eliseo García, mayor of Molina de Segura, talks about the importance of the European values  and the Life CityAdaP3  for his municipality. 

Joaquín Hernández, Presents the Innovation that LIFE CITYADAP3 Brings TO Lorquí

Joaquín Hernández, mayor of Lorquí, explains how this project provides solutions to cave houses affected by problems derived from climate change.

Joaquín Buendía, Mayor of Alcantarilla, Highlights Sustainable Mobility

Alcantarilla is a municipality that is very sensitive to the environment. Life CityAdap3 supports sustainable mobility improving the quality of life of citizens.

the private sector collaborates with life cityadap3 in lorquí

The most important aspect of this project, the most innovative, is the public-private collaboration. This is an example in which the CSR of companies reverts to citizen well-being.


We work on this project with important companies in the municipality. From the start we had the support of the business and conservation associations.

LIFE CITYADAP3 is SUPPORTed by COMPANIES based in molina

The objective is that all the actions that are carried out have that private support that makes the actions of LIFE CITYADAP3 more efficient and sustainable.

How does life cityadap3 positively impact citizens?

This multimodal platform for pedestrians and cyclists is not simply a traffic lane, it has a direct objective, which is to facilitate sustainable mobility.

positive and innovative effect on the nelson mandela park

The Nelson Mandela Park is very important in the municipality and in it we have built natural barriers to reduce currents and prevent flooding.

thanks to LIFE CITYADAP3 we have studied our municipality slopes

We have built a pilot cave house that serves as an example of restoration of this type of construction.

We work with other municipalities to replicate these actions

It is important for our region that the actions that are positive for our municipality can be extrapolated to others.

Lorquí is spreading the benefits of this project

We are publicizing the benefits of our project to combat climate change in Alguazas, Ceutí and Campos del Río.

municipalities outside the region will be interested in replicating

Our project is easily exportable and we are lucky in the Murcia region to have a  loyal and sincere communication between municipalities.

The European Commission appreciated the  collaboration of the companies

The true innovation of this project is the public-private collaboration schemes for climate change adaptation.

The objectives set by the project are being achieved

In a difficult context, we are lucky to have companies that are helping us to exceed the objectives of the project.

The monitoring of the actions allows to show their validity

Jose Pablo Delgado highlights how making the results of the actions public facilitates their replication in other municipalities.

Citizens can already see the impact of LIFE CITYADAP3

We are communicating what has been done in Life CityAdap3 among citizens and students and identify new actions together with companies.

Longinos Marín, director of the CSR chair at the University of Murcia

He tells us about the role of the CSR chair in the Life CityAdaP3 project: The ODS talks about the formation of alliances to comply with sustainable development.

Do you think there is progress in the awareness of companies?

Global problems require the commitment of companies, and they are contributing to their solution.

How have you managed to foster the interest of companies?

In general, when a company is presented with an interesting and attractive project that entails a social and environmental benefit, it is accepted.

Does CSR have limits or are its possibilities numerous?


Public-private partnerships are key TO success

We have created a very simple guide so that any company can adopt solutions such as those implemented in Life CityAdaP3.

The 2030 Agenda is the guide to economically and socially recover the European project.

To make a change in our cities we need public-private partnerships as indicated by SDG 17.

LIFE CITYADAP3 is an example of solidarity

the contest organized by life cityadap3 encourages replication

Manuel Pato, Secretary General of the FMRM

This project is a small fact that makes us Murcians believe in Europe.

Thanks to this, there will be not four but five pilot projects that we will carry out with Life CityAdaP3.

It is important to be able to transmit the acquired knowledge to the rest of the municipalities.

Workshop in reggio emilia: "hot city"

Beniel City Council, winner of the ideas contest for local adaptation to climate change

Reggio Emilia holds a workshop on urban climate adaptation and mitigation models, aimed at citizens, since it has been opened to the participation of all people interested in this area.

The television of the Region of Murcia echoes the award ceremony to the city council that will carry out a pilot action to adapt its municipality to climate change.


The president of the FMRM, lead partner of this European project, explained the point at which LCA3 is located and the great work that its partners are doing. 

Carlotta Bonvicini and experts collaborating with the Reggio Emilia pilot action explain the results of the adaptive parks.

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