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CityAdaP3 partners meet again in Reggio Emilia

The partnership visited one year after the pilot actions in the Italian municipality to see the progress of the reforestation of the Biagi park. 

The LIFE City AdaP3 climate change adaptation project led by the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia, in which the municipalities of Alcantarilla, Lorquí, Molina de Segura, Reggio Emilia, together with the CSR Chair of the University of Murcia and Eurovértice participate, is 6 months away from completion.

And that is why the group has held a meeting in Reggio Emilia, the Italian partner municipality, to hold a coordination meeting to learn about the progress of the project.

In addition to updating on the progress of LIFECityAdaP3, such as the status of the second pilot actions, the team visited the parks that the municipality of Reggio Emilia has reforested as its main pilot action, which aims to prevent heat islands through nature-based solutions. They were accompanied on this visit by a botanist from the University, a collaborator of the municipality of Reggio Emilia, who explained the progress of the plant species planted in the park, which will serve to create a natural barrier to help lower temperatures.

Political representatives from the different partner institutions also joined this trip, such as the president of the Federation of Municipalities, Víctor Manuel López Abenza, and the councillors of Alcantarilla and Molina de Segura, José Antonio López Olmedo and José Manuel Hernández Revelles, who had the opportunity to see first-hand the work that has been carried out so far in the different municipalities and by the hand of all the partners.


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