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the 1st meeting with companies from alcantarilla is held

Thanks to the involvement of local companies through RSC, they will make possible the implementation of a bicycle lane that will link the Industrial Estate with the town centre of the municipality.

Life CityAdap3, the project coordinated by the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia, and financed by the European Union, in which pilot actions will be carried out to combat climate change in Alcantarilla, Loquí, Molina de Segura and Reggio Emilia, has held today, thanks to the organisation of the other partners, the Chair of CSR of the University of Murcia and Eurovértice, the first Info Day.

info day

The Info Days will be online days to present the companies that will finance part of the projects in the municipalities through Corporate Social Responsibility.

The first event was led by the Alcantarilla Town Council and the local companies that will provide funding for their project, which is a bicycle and pedestrian lane that will link the city centre with the West Industrial Estate. One of the key aspects of this project is that it will be financed by public-private partnership between the council, the European Union and local companies.

multimodal platform against climate change

This multimodal platform in Alcantarilla will connect the city centre, from the Plaza Adolfo Suárez, with the Industrial Estate and will have space for pedestrians, a shaded area and a system for filtering and reusing rainwater.

This cycle lane for pedestrians and cyclists has been chosen by the European Union to participate in the European project because of its sustainable strategy and the importance that this action will have, as Alcantarilla has the highest population density in the Region of Murcia per square kilometre, and its Industrial Estate is the largest in Spain.

The first section will be 600 metres long and is financed by the Alcantarilla Town Council, the European Union, the companies Hidrogea, Plasbel, Copele, Nutrafur, the business association of the West Industrial Estate and the estate's conservation body.

The Mayor of Alcantarilla, Joaquín Buendía, who participated in the 'Info Day', stressed that, "the benefits for the future development of the city and the advantage for the companies located here to make this project a reality, with the opportunity to contribute to socio-economic development and the welfare of the environment.

This action will be the axis on which the future sustainable mobility network of the municipality for pedestrians and cyclists will be developed and its total budget is 2.3 million euros, of which 1.14 million euros will be provided by the European Union.

For the development of the first section, the City Council has invested 148,000 euros, the collaborating companies 54,000 euros and the European Union 185,000 euros.

The Life City Adap3 project in Alcantarilla, managed by the Department of Economic Development, is included in the City Council's Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (Paces), which includes measures to promote sustainable mobility and combat climate change.

Alcantarilla joined the European initiative to fight climate change Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy in 2017 and made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gases by 40 percent by 2030, a target set by the European Union.

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