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Presentation of the Reggio Emilia experience to the academic and professional world

In May, the Municipality of Reggio Emilia was invited to illustrate the CITYAdaP3 project and the Reggio Emilia pilot action "Climate-friendly parks" at two important events in other Italian regions: on 6 May 2023 to more than 800 students of “La Sapienza” University of Rome during the online training course “SCIENCES OF SUSTAINABILITY - 2023 edition" and on 26 May to conference of the Order of Architects of Florence named "The City that Breathes".

Great interest was expressed for the adaptive urban forestry interventions, and in particular for the Miyawaki micro-forests tested in the Climate-friendly parks and also under development in Rome.

The events represented also an important opportunity to exchange experiences and reflections with the academic and professional world on the need to bring naturalness back to the city and include adaptive criteria in urban planning.

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