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The Life project led by the FMRM is the only one approved in the 2019 call for proposals in the Region of Murcia.

The City Life AdaP3 project, which has already begun to lead the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia, and which consists of coordinating the actions of three municipalities in the region and one in Italy for the adaptation of their localities to climate change, was launched today by the European Commission.

This event, held via videoconference, has exposed the latest European policies related to climate action, and has been carried out a sharing of each of the projects of all participants in Europe.

For its part, the FMRM has become a pioneer, since of the six projects of adaptation to climate change in the urban area to be carried out in our continent, the Federation is responsible for one of them, receiving funding of 1.15 million euros for its implementation.

These include the creation of urban shading in Molina de Segura, a bicycle lane connecting the town centre with the industrial estate in the case of Alcantarilla, to encourage the use of bicycles and reduce pollution caused by vehicles, and the consolidation of the cabezos in the town centre in Lorquí.

"The FMRM becomes a pioneer in coordinating Life CityAdap3 for which it has received 1.5 million euros".

One of the priorities and innovations of this project is the implementation of partnership agreements to involve the private sector of the participating municipalities in the financing of climate change adaptation actions.

The co-financiers are: Business Association of the Parque Industrial Oeste Murcia; COPELE, SLU; GAM Higiene, S.L.; Hidrogea, Gestión Integral de Aguas de Murcia, S.A.; Terapias Médicas Domiciliarias, S.L.; NUTRAFUR, S.A.U. PLASBEL PLASTICO SAU; Plásticos Romero, S.A. Servicios Comunitarios de Molina S.A.; Trasporti Integrati e Logistica S.R.L.

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