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life cityadap3 to adapt 4 municipalities to climate change

alcantarilla, lorquí, molina de segura and reggio emilia will implement pilot actions in the urban environment.

The Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia, the CSR Chair of the University of Murcia and Eurovértice Consultants are also part of this important project.

public-private collaboration

One of the priorities and innovations of this project is the implementation of collaboration agreements to involve the private sector of the participating municipalities in the financing of climate change adaptation actions.

With the signing of 12 public-private partnership agreements, the implementation of four pilot actions of urban adaptation to climate change will become a reality, with an investment of at least €200,000 from this sector.

This project will benefit a population of 106,000 inhabitants.

together with europe it is possible

The budget of the project is 2,302,509 euros, being co-financed by the European Union with 1,148,339 euros.

For its part, the FMRM thus becomes a pioneer, since of the six projects of adaptation to climate change in the urban area to be carried out in our continent, the Federation is responsible for one of them, receiving funding of 1.15 million euros for its implementation.

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