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Life City AdaP3 partners visit the "climate-friendly" parks of Reggio Emilia

Guided by our hosts and partners of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, we were able to visit some of the parks reforested as part of the Life CityAdaP3 project for urban adaptation to climate change.

In Reggio Emilia they can be (and are) proud of all their parks. The Municipality has a public green area of ​​9,800,000 m2 and a ratio of 85 trees for every 100 inhabitants. And like much of what makes us proud, this great public green heritage also carries a major responsibility, in this case that of maintaining it, taking care of it and protecting it from climate change.

For this reason, Reggio Emilia has seized the opportunity that Life City AdaP3 gave it, to experiment with adaptive urban forestation in 4 public parks in different areas of the city with territorial and landscape diversity. And from these interventions will a model adaptive park scheme be defined. The goal is to combat heat islands and improve the use of these areas by citizens, extending the shaded parts and restoring their naturalness through an increase in biodiversity.

As such, in the Marco Biagi park, four landscape areas have been implemented to counteract heat waves and droughts accentuated by climate change. • «Miyawaki method» microforests divided into three types differing in the combination of plant species that are planted: autochthonous microforest, adaptive microforest, edible microforest.

• Field hedges that seek to recover and update the function of the rural hedge, one of the characteristic elements of the agricultural-rural landscape of the area.

• Polyphytic meadows: combination of different forage crops grown in the area. A traditional and important element of the landscape and the economy of the Reggio area.

• Rows of trees: to shade areas near footpaths, children's play areas, etc. And all this waiting for you to enjoy it as much as we did during our visit. Go and visit the 4 "climate-friendly" parks in Reggio Emilia!

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