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Infoday for Reggio Emilia citizens

On Wednesday 15 December 2021, the CityAdaP3 project was presented to the city as part of the seminar "Climate change: from words to facts. Adaptation projects and actions".

The event started with an introduction by the Councilor for Sustainability Policies, Ms. Carlotta Bonvicini, who illustrated the climate change adaptation strategy adopted by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia. Other interventions were held by Alessandro Rossi (ANCI Emilia-Romagna), on 'How municipalities adapt to the new climate: the challenge of cities'; Susanna Ferrari Bergomi and Elisia Nardini (Municipality of Reggio Emilia), who illustrated the Life CityAdaP3 project in detail; Filippo Magni (IUAV University of Venice), on the theme 'Urban adaptation: tools, methods and best practices on the national scene'; Luisa Ravanello (ARPAE Emilia-Romagna) and the Architect Elena Farnè, on the theme 'Freeing the soil: nature-based solutions and case studies from the guidelines of the SOS4LIFE project'.

Finally, the architects Luca Emanueli and Gianni Lobosco (Studio leaa) presented the pilot action of Reggio Emilia in the framework of CITYAdaP3 project: 'Climate-friendly parks: a new model of public park'.

Finally, Luna Beggi (Municipality of Reggio Emilia) presented the involvement of the private sector in the Local Stakeholder Group of Life CityAdaP3, which was followed by the delivery of the CITYAdaP3 recognition plate to the local company “Til srl” for the co-financing of the first pilot action “Climate-friendly parks”.

The seminar ended with the presentation of the greeting video by the Spanish partners of the project, which was welcomed by the audience with a warm applause.

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