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Call for tenders open for works on the Alcantarilla footpath and cycle lane platform

The contracting period for the works for the first section of the first bicycle and pedestrian lane in Alcantarilla, the Multimodal Platform for pedestrians and cyclists that is part of the LIFE CITY AdaP3 Project, is starting.

The works have a total budget of 171,600 euros and a completion period of eight months. Applications can be submitted through the Contractor Profile ( until 23 June at 18:00 hours.

The Multimodal Platform is a pilot project of the City Council that is committed to environmental sustainability and will also have a system for filtering and reusing rainwater. The project has received funding from the European Union's LIFE Programme.

This infrastructure will link the city centre with the West Industrial Estate and has a public-private financing model involving companies in the municipality, such as Hidrogea, Plasbel, Copele, Nutrafur (IFF), the business association of the West Industrial Estate, the Park's conservation entity, the European Union and the City Council itself.

The Life City Adapt3 project develops some of the actions foreseen in the Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy (PACES) of Alcantarilla, which includes measures to mitigate climate change, promoting sustainable mobility and adaptation to climate change.

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