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Alcantarilla creates a vegetated rooftop on the roof of a municipal building

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

The city council chooses this project as the second pilot action of the LIFE City AdaP3 project.

The Alcantarilla City Council, one of the partners of the project funded by the European Union, is waterproofing the roof of the building that houses the Local Development Agency of the municipality to, in a second phase, turn it into a vegetated roof with the planting of native species that will help reduce pollution, neutralise carbon emissions, regulate the temperature and promote biodiversity.

This first phase is part of the European LIFE City AdaP3 project, in which the city council is participating together with other city councils in the Region, Eurovértice, the UMU Chair of CSR and the Federation of Municipalities, and thanks to which the pedestrian and cycling platform has already been built to promote adaptation to climate change and reduce pollution in the municipality.

Sistema Azud and Derivados Químicos are collaborating in the financing of this pilot action, as one of the premises of participation in the Life City Adap3 programme is to encourage public-private financing of projects.

The rooftop of the Local Development Agency has a surface area of 192 square metres.

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