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a call for ideas for the implementation of a local adaptation project to climate change

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The Federation of Municipalities is launching a competition for ideas to provide a grant of 35,000 euros, and among the requirements is that the municipalities of the region that apply, have the financial support of a local company through a collaboration agreement.

The FMRM, in the framework of the European project it leads, has launched an ideas competition aimed at the municipalities of the Region of Murcia to provide the winner with financial support for the implementation of a local adaptation project to climate change.

Life City AdaP3, an initiative coordinated by the FMRM since 2020 and involving the municipalities of Alcantarilla, Lorquí, Molina de Segura and the Italian Reggio Emilia, is a project whose main basis is the adaptation to climate change under the creation of public-private mechanisms to finance urban adaptation measures through the participation of local industries and businesses in these municipalities, validating collaboration schemes that can be transferable and replicable at European level.

After the implementation of the pilot actions in these localities, the project moves on to the replication phase, for which initiatives will be carried out, such as the one led by the FMRF, which will be carried out by the European Commission. such as the one led by the FMRM in its role as coordinator.

The call for proposals

The purpose of the call for proposals is to grant aid for the co-financing of the implementation of an action that contributes to making an urban area healthier, more liveable and more resilient to the threats of climate change.

The beneficiaries are the municipalities associated to the FMRM, and the winning municipality will receive a grant of 35,000 euros. The winning project must be part of the urban public space, envelopes, roofs and facades of buildings and public spaces located on urban land.

In addition, among the requirements, the projects submitted must have the support of at least one company located in the municipality, which undertakes to contribute financially to the implementation of the action through its CSR, through a collaboration agreement with private companies, unless there are several signatory companies, in which case it will be accepted that one of them is a company in which the applicant council has a stake.

The deadline for submission is 30 January (2023), and the deadline for implementation after the resolution of the tender is two months.

For his part, the secretary general of the Federation, Manuel Pato, precursor of this contest has said that, "this contest is a big bet by Life City AdaP3, for its innovative nature to achieve replication, but also a big step for the FMRM, as it is the first contest of this kind and that adds that amount of money aimed at the municipalities of the region, with the intention that they join the objectives of sustainable development, to convert their towns and cities, in friendly and sustainable places".

Local councils submitted

The deadline for submitting proposals for local adaptation to climate change ended a few days ago. Four local councils have entered this competition for ideas so that the FMRM, as the body responsible for this initiative, can provide the winner with a significant grant to carry out an action in the municipality that meets the values of Life City AdaP3.

The general secretary, Manuel Pato, said that "we are very happy with the participation, as it is an innovative initiative and municipalities of different sizes have been presented, representing the geographical variety such as Murcia, Lorca, Cieza and Beniel".

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