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Murcia City Council opens its doors to the City AdaP3 team

The Councillor for Open Government welcomes the members of the project before visiting the city.

At the end of the coordination meeting, the group received a reception at the City Council of Murcia by Antonio Benito, Councillor for Education, Urban Agenda and Open Government, as well as a guided tour of the most important tourist attractions in the centre of the capital courtesy of the consistory of the capital of the region.

The entire team, which was also joined by a group from Hungary who came to the FMRM for Networking, were received in the Plenary Hall of the City Council of the capital of Murcia by Councillor Benito in perfect English.

After this reception the group walked around Cardenal Belluga, the interior of the Cathedral, Platería y Jabonería, the Plaza del Teatro Romea and the Plaza de las Flores where they were able to taste the typical tapas of the city.

The Secretary General of the FMRM said in this regard that, "the City Council of Murcia is always a great ally for the beginning of great things, and what better than a walk through the most beautiful places of our city to show off our capital, therefore, I thank both the mayor and the councillor for this welcome and for the guided tour that the official guide offered us".

This is only the beginning, as the FMRM and Murcia City Council are working together to get European funding approved for two projects they have applied for together with other city councils.

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