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Life City AdaP3 climate change adaptation project launches first course on its e-learning platform

The aim of this course is to communicate to companies the advantages of applying CSR strategies through public-private collaboration.

One of the keys of the European project for the adaptation to Climate Change of which the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia, the municipalities of Alcantarilla, Lorquí, Molina de Segura, and the Italian Reggio Emilia, Eurovértice Consultants and the Chair of CSR of the University of Murcia are partners, is the use of mechanisms under the public-private partnership that is allowing the project to implement pilot actions for the adaptation of the effects of climate change in the participating municipalities.

The project continues to take decisive steps in all its areas, one of them being related to Corporate Social Responsibility. It is precisely the CSR chair of the University of Murcia that is launching a course on the project's e-learning platform on this topic: Corporate Social Responsibility for companies: implementation, adaptation to climate change and public-private collaboration.

Some of the objectives that this course aims to achieve are to provide companies with the theoretical and technical knowledge to implement CSR policies, to teach basic knowledge about the most appropriate tools to implement CSR strategies (diagnosis, management and accountability) in different types of companies, or to show companies how to develop and measure their environmental commitments.

On this virtual training platform, and through this course, registered companies will also get a guide on how they can adopt climate change adaptation measures, and will be shown how public-private partnerships to adopt local climate change adaptation measures bring benefits to citizens, as well as to their workers and the companies themselves.

In addition, companies will be introduced to the perception of CSR communication. This course is aimed at companies that want to broaden their knowledge and whose decision-makers want to acquire professional skills in CSR, and more specifically, in climate change adaptation investment.

This course is completely free of charge in the framework of the EU-funded Life City AdaP3 project. It consists of 12 sessions and all you need to do is register on the platform and sign up.

Link to register for the course:

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