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What is a Life project?

The Environment and Climate Action Program (LIFE) is the financial instrument of the European Union dedicated to the environment. Its overall objective is based on catalyzing changes in the development and implementation of policies by providing solutions and best practices to achieve environmental and climate objectives, as well as by promoting innovative technologies in the field of environment and climate change. .

In turn, it has subprograms, and these with priority areas: Environment or Climate Action.

And Life CityAdap3?

CityAdap3 will create public-private mechanisms to finance urban adaptation measures through the participation of local industries and companies from 4 municipalities (Spain and Italy), validating collaboration schemes that can be transferable and replicable at the European level.

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Spain - Alcantarilla, Lorquí, Molina de Segura

Italy - Reggio Emilia


Total budget: € 2,302,509

Date of realization:

09/01/2020 - End: 09/30/2024


Coordinator: Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia


Alcantarilla Town Hall

Lorquí City Council

Molina de Segura City Council

Commune of Reggio Emilia

EuroVértice Consultores SL

Chair of CSR at the University of Murcia


Association of Entrepreneurs of the Parque Industrial Oeste Murcia; COPELE, SLU; GAM Hygiene, SL

Hidrogea, Comprehensive Water Management of Murcia

SA; Domiciliary Medical Therapies, SL


Plastics Romero, SA

Community Services of Molina SA

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1.Involve the EU private sector in financing urban adaptation through public-private cooperation plans and the integration of climate goals into corporate social responsibility plans.


2. Improve the Covenant of Mayors through the application of the SECAP.



Planta de mantenimiento

key measures

1. MODELS OF AGREEMENTS for association between the public and private sectors (PPP).

2. Review of co- funders' CSR plans to include climate change objectives.


3. Carrying out adaptation actions in 4 EU municipalities (heat island effect, floods and landslides).

4. Promotion of green infrastructure and nature-based solutions.

5. Participation of the private sector in the implementation of the action plans.

6.Improve public awareness of the importance of adapting to climate change and mitigating its effects.

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