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The Lorquí cave-house refurbished as part of Life CityAdaP3 will have a sound map of the town

Taking advantage of the monitoring visit of the LifeCity Adapt 3 Project in which Lorquí City Council participates as a partner, and in which the rehabilitation of a cave house is included as a pilot action, a demonstrative sound installation of the future sound map of the municipality was carried out. The technical team of the project itself, was able to learn from the engineer of the Lorquí council, a preview of what this initiative will be, undoubtedly, an interesting tourist attraction.

What is a sound map?

A kind of cartography of the representative sounds of that town, from those associated with natural values, such as the passage of water through the river, or socio-cultural, such as local festivals, the market, etc., so that they are preserved for future listening.

With this in mind, the Department of Culture is not only working on the creation of this Sound Map of Lorquí, but has also decided that its physical headquarters will be located in the aforementioned cave house that is being restored with Life City AdaP3, the municipal cave house known as Las Trillizas, in honour of its former inhabitants.

The person in charge of making this sound map is Sergio Sánchez, also known as Jazznoize, the experimenter and sound artist from Cabezo de Torres, who has devoted part of his prolific career to soundscaping and the recording of ambient sounds.

Sánchez prepared a demonstrative sound piece in which sounds such as the Monday market, the Levante blowing in Lorquí or even the noises generated by the restoration work on the cave house were recorded. This sound piece called "Rebuiliding" has been recently published by the label República Ibérica Ruidista (RIR), has a cover by the photographer Ira LaMotta and can be listened to or downloaded on his bandcamp:

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