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Six companies seal their commitment to Lorquí and to the fight against climate change

With the signing of this agreement, these companies become part of the Life City Adap3 project.

A total of six companies linked to the municipality have this week sealed their commitment to the municipality and the City Council through their economic collaboration in the European LifeCityAdapt3 project for adaptation to climate change, whose objective is the recovery and rehabilitation of the areas of Los Cabezos de Lorquí.

Last February, the City Council organised, together with the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility of the University of Murcia and the company Eurovértice, an Info-Day, an online conference in which a large number of companies collaborating with the Consistory were invited to present the objectives of this European project that includes public-private participation among its main features. Thus, they were informed that, through their Corporate Social Responsibility, they could participate in this project, giving visibility to their company from a socially responsible point of view and sensitive to climate change.

The response was a success and a total of 25 companies took part. Thus, currently, with the signing of these agreements, there are 6 companies that, for the moment, have sealed their commitment:

Acciona, Auxiliares Hermon, Grupo GAM, Serviman, Elsamex, Entorno Urbano.

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