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Part of the team of the Italian partner Reggio Emilia travel for the first time to meet the partners

Life City AdaP3 is made up of 4 municipalities, three from the Region of Murcia and one from Italy, specifically from Reggio Emilia, a city of more than 171,000 inhabitants located in the north of the country.

The team of this partner, composed almost 100% by women, is a very competitive standard whose main goal is to mitigate the heat islands with the reforestation of four public parks.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, and all the restrictions resulting from it, all the partners of this project had not yet been able to hold a meeting since its inception.

The FMRM was delighted to welcome the 4 Italian partners, who were able to visit the Federation's headquarters and the other municipalities involved in this European-funded initiative.

The next trip planned in the framework of the project will be to return the visit to the partner Reggio Emilia to visit the state of its pilot action.

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