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Four more companies in Lorqui join the project to adapt to the effects of climate change

Four new companies have signed an agreement with the Lorquí City Council to collaborate, through its Corporate Social Responsibility area, with the LIFE CITYAdaP3 project to which the Lorquí City Council is attached, together with other entities and administrations, to collaborate in the adaptation and fight against the effects of climate change in the municipality. Thus, the latest additions are: CEICO S.L., IMACAPI S.L., ITEM CONSULTING S. L. and Viriato Seguridad S. L.

These join the six already involved in the project: Acciona, Auxiliares Hermon, Grupo GAM, Serviman, Elsamex and Entorno Urbano.

Lorquí City Council is participating in an ambitious European LIFE CITYAdaP3 project aimed at public-private collaboration for the improvement and adaptation of the urban environment to climate change, a challenge already included both in the Local Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change (PACES) and in the work that the municipality has been developing around the Urban Agenda 2030. Lorquí's pilot project focuses on the recovery and rehabilitation of the Los Cabezos area through various actions and solutions.

With European funding of more than two million euros and coordinated by the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia, this LIFE also has as partners the city of Reggio Emilia (Italy), the University of Murcia, through the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility, and the municipalities of Lorquí, Alcantarilla and Molina de Segura, as well as the company Eurovértice.

The aim is that local companies, municipal services or with a direct interest in the locality collaborate and express their commitment as co-financiers of the project, through their Corporate Social Responsibility plans, in the actions for the adaptation of the urban environment to climate change.

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