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Carlotta Bonvicini welcomes the president of the Federation of Municipalities of MurciA

Updated: May 2, 2023

María Dolores Muñoz Valverde, president of the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia, accompanied the members of the Life CityAdaP3 project at their first meeting in Reggio Emilia where they were received by Carlotta Bonvicini, Councilor for Sustainability Policies.

The Spanish partners of the Life City AdaP3 project met for the first time in Reggio Emilia, also a participant in this project, to review the progress made and visit the actions carried out by this municipality within the Life program for urban adaptation to climate change.

Carlotta Bonvinci, together with her team, welcomed in the room of the Tricolor the representatives of the municipalities of Alcantarilla, Lorquí and Molina de Segura, the CSR chair of the University of Murcia, EuroVértice and the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia, project leader.

After the welcome we were able to enjoy an extensive presentation of Reggio Emilia's good practices in the field of sustainability, mobility and adaptation to climate change by Paolo Gandolfi, director of the technical area and Elena Melloni responsible for the environment department.

Paolo explained how we have moved from traffic management to mobility management, giving priority to pedestrian areas and an extensive network of bike lanes. These initiatives, which are gradually being applied, are discussed being put in place with the citizens and are intertwined with the hallmarks of the city. Thus, the “bicibus or pidedi bus” campaign to encourage walking or cycling to school, or the speed limitation campaign carried out by children, link sustainability and mobility with citizenship education from childhood, a subject Reggio Emilia is internationally known for.

Elena highlighted the policy to manage green areas and the latest projects carried out, mentioning the recognitions received for the number of existing trees per inhabitant and the environmental best practices of the city.

Thanks to their presentations, we were able to contextualize the actions carried out by the Italian municipality within the Life CityAdap3 program and understand the challenges they are facing due to climate change and the solutions that are being adopted.

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